Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Movie Making Madness

It seems like everyone I know is making movies these days. Well, two people I know at least. My good friend Jordan Caskey, who took this picture of me scratching,

works for KHQ, the NBC affiliate in Spokane, WA and made this awesome promo for their new weather service:

Pretty cool, huh? He also took part in the 48 hour film fest in Spokane where teams have 48 to write, shoot and direct a short film. He acted in their piece as East Sprage...

Spokane Family Reunion

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We've been talking about collaborating together next year with my band mate Pat, who did these incredible animations

He's got some new stuff that isn't quite done yet, which I'll be sure to post when he is done. I have some pretty talented friends, huh?

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