Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ron Paul 2008

I went home to Kalispell for Thanksgiving and my dad showed me the Ron Paul hat he made. Pretty awesome. Ron Paul 2008!

When we got back home we cooked Jeffreys up his own game hen. He ate some of it, but I think I had more. It was pretty good.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Madness!

Halloween is by far Darcy's favorite holiday, and I like it quite a bit too. She came up with a great costume this year. I was a magician and she was my assistant who I had really sawed in half. Most impressive of all was the incredible saw she crafted while I was at work. It looked pretty real.

Jeffreys really wanted to dress as a cat for Halloween this year, but had to settle for being a fire chief.
The party at the Badlander was pretty incredible. I should have gotten some pictures of the Zombie Brothel, because it was totally impressive, but I was too enthralled watching. There were zombies of all kinds, even a spaceman zombie. Both the Badlander and Palace were packed and almost everyone was dressed up, which made it super fun. Pleaseeasaur was great as usual, I got a picture of him wearing the greatest shirt ever. I am smiling. Classic.

Volumen played a great Rocky Horror set even though I haven't yet seen the movie. I think I will now. I was way too far back to get a decent picture, so you'll have to take my word for it that they went all out with their costumes. Someone who was familiar with the movie told me they really took the songs up a notch. I always love watching the Volumen, they put on a great show.

All in all, a great Halloween.