Thursday, December 7, 2006


So this stuff is still all new to me. I work at the Missoula Public Library managing the content of the web page (, fixing computers and actual library work. We are looking into options for blogging, so I decided to test the waters with my own blog first. This is me:

I have a great girlfriend named Darcy. Check out how cute she is:

I play music. Lots of music. I started off just playing the guitar, then moved into banging on pots and pans and singing a little bit in a band called BMMS. There were two of us, and we played shows and recorded tons of songs while we were in High School in Kalispell, Montana. Then we moved to Missoula and played a ton of live shows and recorded a few songs. Our first shows in Missoula were at Jay's Upstairs, quite possibly the coolest venue to ever exist. After Jay's closed, we played at a strange little place called Area 5 about once a week. Around this time, I started scratching and bought two turntables and a mixer from my band mate, Martin. Then Martin moved away to Japan. Here he is:

I worked on solo recording stuff for a half a year or so, and then joined a rag-tag band of my friends, then called Good Guy/Bad Guy. The band consisted of two of my oldest childhood friends, Patrick and Michael Gill, and a newer Missoula friend Tony Matts. I started out filling in on bass, but soon officially joined the band full time. I had never played bass before, but now I like it quite a bit. We changed our name to Victory Smokes and played an average of three shows a week for about four months. We mainly played at this really great venue called the Raven. We recently went on a short tour of the Northwest, and are finishing up the writing of songs for our debut LP. We already self released a demo EP and a recording of a live set in Bozeman. This is us playing:

My Upcoming Projects: New Victory Smokes Line-up, BMMS Reunion (sooner than later!), Mixing down my old solo stuff and recording new solo stuff, Spinning at more parties/Collaborating with other DJs

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Anonymous said...

hey! i took that picture! michael's head is replaced by the megaphone. ha. ha, ha. this new blog is so sophisticated-looking. thumbs-up, benjamin.