Saturday, August 29, 2009

So, would you like "The Tour?"

"No. I get it." - Larry David.

We've finally gotten all settled here in Slater, Iowa. This is our awesome house. I love being a homeowner, but I hate property taxes. We live kinda on the edge of town. The street that runs in front of our house is by far the busiest in Slater. About three blocks from our place it turns into a highway that runs 9 miles north to Ames, home of Iowa State University and the Cyclones. People are really, really into college sports here. I think I'll stay out of it.

Here's the backyard and our oldest tree. Unfortunately the wind usually blows in the direction that would make the tree fall on our house in a big storm. It's still a sturdy tree, but we'll have to cut it down in the foreseeable future. Storms in the midwest are way different than Montana storms. The wind is crazy and the thunder is louder than I've ever heard.

Darcy and her mom painted the kitchen last week. Before it was a mint green. It looks waaaay better now than it did.

We picked this metal table up in Des Moines, which is about 20 miles to the south.

This table also came from Des Moines. The awesome China hutch came with the house. And here is photographic proof that Jeffreys survived the 18 hour car ride from Missoula. He did really well for the first 17 hours, then got ansy and scared for the last hour. All in all he made the trip like a real trooper.

Owning a couch set makes me feel really old. But they're really comfortable, so who cares. We also go to bed around 10:30 most nights. Uh oh.

We finally got our entertainment center hooked up and the speakers are fully operational. It's good to be vindicated after hauling heavy speakers accross the country. Darcy admits they sound better than the TV.

Upstairs we just have 4 rooms. They're pretty boring and not really ready to make their debut yet. Once they're painted and set up, you'll see them.


whc03grady said...

Wow, that's service. One comment and the blog is revived.
1. The house looks awesome. Did someone tell you that tree is trouble, or are you just a little over-anxious now that you've experienced actual thunderstorms?
2. The college football thing is completely out of hand. You're right to steer clear.
3. 1030? How can it be that we're staying up later than you guys?
3. If you're up to it, on Tuesday 8 September make this trip. It's a grill-out at Melissa's parents. Lots of people you don't know will be there.


Melissa said...

Ben & Darcy,
Your house is totally totally awesome. So so pretty. I really really like it. You can tell I'm sincere because of how repetitive I'm being. I like to read about the things you're noticing in the midwest that are different than the Rockies: storms, wind, crazy sports fanatics, etc. What happened to the red couch?
I miss you guys, and hope you can come to the grill-out (known as barbecues in these here Missoula parts).
Also, we could school Mitch and Darcy in cards since I'd have home court advantage. Just sayin'.

Claire said...

And, if it's not too far out of your way, (and you're "up to it", as Mitch says), make this trip. Call me if you get lost.

Love the house. Love the yard. I'm inspired to take pics of the inside of our house now (which I also love).

Ben & Darcy, plan on a November trip to Missoula. I'll be there. We can share a fishbowl or two.


Ben Miller said...


1. I think I'm most likely a little over anxious after seeing the house across the street with a tree through the front. I think it's fine for a few years, but I'm going to call in an expert at some point. Just in case.
2. I thought the "Go Griz" phenomenon was bad. I was wrong.
3. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. Some nights we're in bed that early. More often it's an hour later when we actually go to bed.
4. Darcy is going to call Melissa and chat about our options. We'll just be getting back from a wedding the day before, but we're going to try.


The red couch is in our "den." If you get skype and chat with us, you won't be able to miss it. Skype taboo? Think about it.


We'll definitely make that drive. We're starting right now, see you in a week! Not sure we'll be in Missoula in Nov. or not. I'd guess not.