Monday, August 31, 2009

Ready, Aim, Fire Pit

This weekend we built a fire pit in our backyard. Granted, it isn't the biggest or most impresive fire pit you've ever seen, but it works and only cost about 20 bucks for materials and took less than an hour.

First we found a relatively flat area of our yard that was a safe distance away from the garage, bushes, trees, etc. and laid out our stones to form a circle. We marked ground inside the stones with the shovel and moved them away.

That made it easier to dig our hole. I dug down about a foot, trying to keep the walls as straight as possible.

Inside the first hole, I dug a second hole another 8 inches or so down. Doing this, I'm told, creates a sump which aides in draining your fire pit. The draining is the most important part, otherwise you could just dig a shallow hole and be done with it.

Then I added a bag of pea gravel. I filled it up to roughly 4 inches from the top. The gravel will allow water to drain.

Then I covered the gravel with a healthy amout of sand and replaced the stones, and it was done. One of the easiest weekend projects ever.

Of course, I didn't just come up with the idea myself. I used the Google to find a great resource walking me through the construction. I think we'll call it, "The Little Fire Pit that Could."


whc03grady said...

Sump? Crap, I didn't put a sump in ours.

Anonymous said...

Not big enough for a whole pig, but ideal for a skewered yappy neighbor dog...

Anonymous said...

On the menu...
Big monkey meat sticks?
Burnt marinated marmot snacks?
Black mixed mutton stuffed
with some
Buttered measled moonshined snuff?

Anonymous said...

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