Thursday, March 26, 2009

Massive Wrap Up (Part 1)

It's been a little bit since I've updated. I'm waaaaaay behind in posting reviews of what I've been listening to, so I'm going to give each artist a bite-sized wrap up so I can feel up to date.

Blondie - All of Deborah "Don't call me Debbie" Harry's tracks are fantastic. Not taking anything away from the rest of the group, but she's really the shining star. Plus, she released the first ever rap song to reach mainstream America in "Rapture." Even their strange album, "Curse of Blondie" is surprisingly listenable.

The Blood Brothers - Awful. Why do I have crap like this on my computer? Maybe a better question, why don't I delete crap like this? I'm not sure, my go to answer is always, "space is cheap," which is true.

The Bloodhound Gang - Embarrassing. I'll admit to getting some juvenile kicks out of "One Fierce Beer Coaster" when I was in middle school. But why do I have their new album? Even I'll never know.

Blueprint - 1988 is a pretty solid Hip-hop album. It reminds me of, well, 1988. It has the Boom-Bap feel and his lyrics are pretty good. I'm still trying to remember who knocked him out for selling him a used beat at Scribble Jam years ago. Anyone?

Blurum 13 - I got their first album because it featured production by Kid Koala and DJ Vadim, but think that Killah Platapus might be one of the most slept on rappers in history. Look him up! (You might not find anything though...) be continued

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