Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They'll Need a Crane

Last weekend Darcy and I watched as a smaller crane, put together this much larger crane right near our house. There were about 10-20 people gathered to watch. In Montana, construction on this scale is big news since we never get to see it, at least not downtown. In 2009 We'll have a fancy new bank, but now we have a neat crane.

I finished AC/DC and have now moved on to The Advantage (Wikipedia here) after a brief stint of even more Aceyalone and a single track from Adina Howard"Freak Like Me." I saw The Advantage a few years back opening for Pinback, and they blew Pinback out of the water. They play covers of old NES games as a full on band. And one of their names is Ben Milner, so they must be alright.

To pass the time, and fully wax nostalgic, I've been playing old NES games over at the site vNES where you can play all your favorite old Nintendo games right from your browser. Top 5 games I've been playing? 1. Excitebike 2. The Marios 3. Contra 4. Duck Tales 5. Battletoads. I'm realizing that I played lots and lots of Nintendo (or No-Friend-O as we used to call it) when I was younger, since I still remember so much about so many games.

Speaking of browsers, Firefox 3 came out today! Go get that right here! They might set a world record of downloads in one day. Plus, its a huge improvement to an already great piece of software. I just got it and its running great, despite a few of my add-ons to work. The only one I'm really hoping the fix fast is DownThemAll.

Alright, back to the games.

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