Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Air Up There

Remember that movie? I would have been 12 when it came out, and I think there's a real possibility I went to see it in the theater during the "cheap kids movies in the summer" thing they used to have.

Anyway, I'm listening to the French-electro band Air, and I'm a little embarrassed that I only have their newest record on my computer. I remember their album Moon Safari being a really big deal when it came out, and I have it somewhere in my piles of compact discs in the basement. I'll have to get them all uploaded, but it will be to late for this listening unfortunately.

Last night after my 80s hip hop moment, I listened to AFX, the first moniker donned by Richard D. James. But more on him in about a week or so, when I get to the meat of his work.

I'm in the process of installing Firefox 3 Portable onto PRBLMSLVR, my trusty thumb drive. I'm stoked, since I hope it will solve a scripting error I've been encountering on my portable firefox lately. I'll keep you posted.

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Graham Russell Hitchcock said...

No buttons on the dessert job - They were more looking for somebody to make "different cheesecakes". Thanks for asking, though.

I never heard Bambaataa's reaction to Rage Against The Machine's cover of "Renegades of Funk". ...I'd imagine he nodded in solemn, powerful approval.

Let me know when you get to the Alans. ie Parsons, Jackson, Tam, and, uhh... Stivell.