Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to me!
I worked all day on my Birthday. Call me a martyr. Seriously, call me a martyr. After I got off work, Darcy made me cupcakes and dinner. It was awesome. I wasn't fooled by the trick candles though.

Dinner was incredible. I had grilled chicken, mashed potatoes with chedder cheese and garlic peas and mushrooms. Delicious!

We also tried to have a champagne tower, but there were no champagne flutes available that fit the bill, so Darcy decided to try plastic shot glasses...(the jelly bellys were added to give the light plastic glasses the weight they needed to stack alright.)

It didn't quite work out. But we salvaged it by doing champagne shots. They worked just fine.
So I opened my awesome presents. I finally have a picture of my finacee for my office!
And my cat save up his treats and wrapped them up for me. I prefer candy, so I let Jeffreys eat his treats.
A shirt from Colbert Nation? Of course I was stoked beyond belief. Best birthday ever!!!!!!!!
Then I hit the Old Post for a Gin and Tonic and an Irish Car Bomb. I work tomorrow at nine, but I still keep it real. I'm a martyr after all.

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