Monday, April 2, 2007

The Great Hickory Smoke Experiment

I'm always looking for new tricks on the barbecue, so tonight I tried out hickory smoking my food. It turned out OK...I think I'll do better tomorrow though. The trick is to soak the hickory chips in water before using them for about an hour. It makes the chips smoke more, and give the food more flavor.Then I lit the grill and waited for the coals to be ready.

Then I added the hickory chips. Next time I'm going to add way more. I think if I cover the coals completely it will smoke longer and get more flavor into the food.

I threw on the food and let 'er smoke!

The food turned out great, but next time I'll add just a few more hickory chips.

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Anonymous said...

i blogged - finally. no picture, but i'm getting there. CM