Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Muxtape

I just made a "muxtape." It's sorta like making a mixtape, only online. I actually really liked the process. Waiting for the songs to upload was reminiscent of recording a song to a tape; you have to wait before you go on. I think it helps you in the process of planning out the order. While you wait for one song to upload, you look for another.

When I was in high school, a large part of my life was devoted to making mixtapes and the floor of my room would be carpeted with tapes and cds in various states of organization, much to my parents chagrin. Some of the tapes I kept, some I gave to various friends and acquaintances, but each tape took at least 2 hours of love filled labor. I always loved, and still do, providing previously unknown tracks to the recipients of my mixtapes. Guessing what they would appreciate, or wonder about, fueled my fire. Plus, I spent my days and nights glued to my stereo, which was more than enjoyable.

So without further ado, here is my offering to all of you. Since I have no way of knowing what you have or have not heard I picked fairly obscure material. While compiling this mix, I drank a few Olympia beers, hence the title of the mix: Oh Lord, Y Make Poor Indie-rockers Alcoholics? Also, since I am disclosing fully, I included a track from my former band BMMS. Click on the beer advertisement below to check out the muxtape.


Ludwig's Drivers said...

Question: why is it a muxtape?

bess.jean said...

so i clicked on it, and it told me that it was down for the afternoon and if it wasn't up by dawn, to call the president. hehe. can't wait to hear it!